Who We Are

A&J Technology Services, Inc. is a pioneer in providing full service Information Technology (IT) company servicing both the small medium size business communities. Over the years, we have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in different industries to help businesses in limiting downtime and proceed with business.  We repair all types of desktop computer, laptop computer, servers, to include Dell, HP, Gateway, Toshiba, etc.  We take the time to educate our customers in how to properly protect their systems from viruses as well as proper care.  We ensure that our services are of highest quality that meets or exceeds customer expectations.  We focus on ensuring that our customers’ are well taken care of with dignity and integrity.  Our business model is designed to leverage the best in the industry so that our clients are the ultimate beneficiaries. A&J Technology Services, Inc. combines the highest quality talent and project management capabilities with the convenience and customer service expected from a leading service provider.



Our Focus

Our clients demand and warrant high quality services.  Quality never takes second place to time, schedule and cost. We achieve this through open and clear communication and  understanding the requirements of our services through education and training.  We practice continual improvements to attain customer satisfaction by providing cost-effective, timely, and qualitative solutions. We help clients to “overcome limits” of production, technological complexity, time and budget constraints.  All of our costs are at a flat rates, not hourly.  As far as we’re concerned,

we are not paid for our efforts, we get paid for results.

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